mercredi 11 juillet 2012

MLS PEOPLE - Première !

Rencontre estivale avec Ana, créatrice du blog espagnol Tartaruga Kids®.
Une petite interview en trois questions pour cerner une serial blogueuse pétillante et découvrir ses indispensables pour des vacances idéales !

1) Describe Tartaruga in few words 
Source of inspiration, Tartaruga Kids® is a blog of children's decor and fashion, a great resource for moms and dads where we only talk about the newest, the most functional, the best for babies and children. We love to rediscover classic designs as well as the latest children’s trends. We take special care to publish only those products, collections or online stores that meet our highest standards, to offer the best in children's fashion and design.
In Tartaruga Kids® sure you will find children's brands and boutiques praised for their design and quality.We hope you enjoy our selection!
2) Your "it" of the moment
My BlackBerry, of course!!!

3) What do you put in your suitcase this summer? 
A book, beachwear and lots of sunsreen.

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